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Goman Lift’ pace of growth is no stop

Goman Lift’ pace of growth is no stop

Along with the constant development of international market, Gomanlift is also striding forward on the path of innovation: continuous improvement of technology, more environmentally friendly production process, and excellent product performance. In the good development trend, Gomanlift attracts more and more foreign customers to come.

On August 23, 2017, in order to seek good business cooperation, Indian clients visited Hannan production base. And they had in-depth understanding of our company's history, culture, brand superiority and technical strength.

The friendly clients mainly visited our company's spider lift and equipment debugging process. In the process of debugging the 24-meter cranked work platform (X24), it runs gracefully and quietly like a giant spider, attracting the attention of customers. This machine works very well and is flexible, No matter how its’ arm show or a rotation, and every movement is smooth and in place. In addition, the novel mechanical design makes the vehicle more compact, effectively saves the space.

Through this visit, the client has a further understanding of our Gomanlift heavy industry and have the willingness to purchase on site. "Gomanlift is a progressive enterprise and a good partner to work with," said the client.

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